President Trump Praises Malaysia’s Purchase of Boeing Jets, Fight Against Terrorism

President Trump is hosting Malaysia’s scandal-tainted Prime Minister Najib Razak and praising his country’s investment in the United States and the fight against terrorism.

Trump said Tuesday he and Najib “were working on very large trade deals,” including $10 billion to $20 billion worth of Boeing commercial aircraft, as well as General Electric jet engines.

The deal, within five years, “will be worth beyond $10 billion,” confirmed Najib, saying the aircraft would go to state carrier Malaysia Airlines.

“We are committed to 25 planes of the 737 Max-10, plus eight 787 Dreamliners and there is a strong probability, not possibility” of the purchase of an additional 25 737 Max-10 jets, Najib told Trump.

“We will also try to convince Air Asia to purchase GE engines,” added the Malaysian prime minister.

A major pension fund with $7 billion already invested in the United States will also invest “three to four additional billion dollars to support your infrastructure and redevelopment in the United States,” added Najib.

The prime minister also revealed his country remains committed to fighting terrorist groups, such as Islamic State and al-Qaida. Najib said the groups are the “enemy” of both the United States and Malaysia, adding “we will do our part to make sure our part of the world is safe.”

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Najib stressed the key for the United States “to win the hearts and minds of the Muslim world” is to support “moderate and progressive Muslim regimes and governments around the world,” such as Malaysia’s “because that is the true face of Islam, that is the authentic face of Islam.”

Najib “has been very, very strong on terrorism in Malaysia and a great supporter from that standpoint, so that’s a very important thing from the United States,” Trump said.


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