Catalonia Conflict; EU Commission Calls For Dialogue

The EU Commission is calling on both parties to discuss the dispute over the Catalan independence referendum.

 A commission spokesman on Monday in Brussels said; “Violence can never be an instrument of politics. We call on all sides to move quickly from the conflict to the dialogue.” President Jean-Claude Juncker will speak with the Spanish Prime Minister, Mariano Rajoy, in the afternoon. Federal Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel called for a further escalation to be stopped. The Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel demanded moderation.

The Spanish region of Catalonia held a vote on independence from the Madrid government on Sunday. The election was accompanied by hundreds of injuries. In the vote, 90 percent of the electorate voters expressed their intention to be separated from Spain, with an electoral participation of 42 percent. The Madrid government does not recognize the outcome. The Catalan regional government asked the EU to mediate in view of the hardened fronts.

Catalonia Conflict; EU Commission Calls For Dialogue

The EU Commission reiterated its position, according to which the vote in Catalonia on a detachment under the Spanish constitution was illegal. The problem was in the area of ​​Spanish domestic policy, the spokesman said. “Accordingly, this must be done in accordance with the Spanish Constitution.” And if there was a legally clean way for a region to leave Spain, this region would no longer be a member of the EU.

The spokesman said;“We trust in Rajoy’s leadership to deal with the difficult conflict in accordance with the Spanish constitution and the citizens’ rights enshrined in it.” In times like these, consensus and stability are more important than strife and fragmentation.”

Gabriel warns against new violence. “The images that have reached us from Spain show how important it is to stop the escalation spiral now,” he said. It was now necessary to keep calm and to act within the framework of the rule of law and the Spanish constitution. “Justice is one of the fundamental pillars of the EU.”

Belgian Prime Minister Michel also called the conflict parties in Spain at the negotiating table. “We condemn all forms of violence and underline our demands for political dialogue,” he said on Twitter.


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