Forcing EU Citizens Out of UK is Unthinkable – British FM Says

British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson on Friday said it was unthinkable that European Union (EU) citizens would be forced to leave Britain after Brexit.

 Johnson told a news conference during a brief visit to Lisbon;“I cannot imagine a scenario in which citizens are obliged to leave.’’

Britain is home to a sizable Portuguese population and tens of thousands of Britons live in Portugal.The future of both groups is one of many issues yet to be defined by those pushing for Britain to leave the EU.

Johnson is one of the scheme’s masterminds and most vocal advocates.The British foreign secretary held a meeting with his Portuguese counterpart, Augusto Santos Silva, before convening with local delegates and businessmen.

Forcing EU Citizens Out of UK is Unthinkable - British FM Says

Johnson described Portuguese and British relations as “an uninterrupted success story’’ and invoked the “spirit of alliance’’ between the two countries.Britain’s alliance with Portugal is believed to be the oldest bilateral alliance in the world, having been established in 1386.

Santos Silva, meanwhile, pledged to continue to work closely with the UK, even if it does end up leaving the EU.

 Silva said;“Brexit does not mean the collapse of the alliance, quite the opposite, there will be increased responsibility to improve our bilateral relations.’’


One thought on “Forcing EU Citizens Out of UK is Unthinkable – British FM Says

  1. It is not so unthinkable, if they can process only 32 000 applications a year , then most of the Europeans will be forced for deportation. I am a good example – in my early 40s, highly skilled with very high income (contractor in a particular field of engineering where UK has severe shortage) , yet I was REJECTED for my stay to remain application after 13 years of living in the UK. So was my wife, so was my 4 years old son. It is unlikely that I can qualify as my evil wife did not have employment in the last 5 years as she stays home to take care of our son. I did not qualify due to insufficient papers provided and also because I was a student 13 years ago!!!!!!
    I did not keep countess papers regarding my stay here for the last 13 (soon 14) years , cant put together all that is needed. At the moment I am exploring moving OUT of the UK , despite of my 13 years already spent here. Canada , US and Northern Europe are on the table at the moment . And YES, the unthinkable is just happening to me.

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