Two Kenya Airway Crewmen Arrested Over Narcotics Drugs

Two members of Kenya Airways cabin crew were arrested at Nairobi’s Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) on Thursday with narcotic substances while about to fly to Benin in West Africa, police and the airline have revealed. A police at the airport said the 2 cabinet crew members were arrested a few minutes to their take-off to Cotonou, Benin.

The police officer told Xinhua by telephone; “We have not established the value of the narcotics but investigation is underway.” The airline has confirmed the arrest. “Two members of Kenya Airways cabin crew were arrested for allegedly carrying undeclared items (suspected to be drugs) out of JKIA,” the airline said in a statement.

Two Kenya Airway Crewmen Arrested Over Narcotics Drugs

Kenya Airways, which flies to several destinations across Africa, said it is aware of the incident and is working in tandem with the relevant authorities to get to the bottom of the matter. “Kenya Airways adheres to all regulations and laws of Kenya and the countries it operates in. “In addition, all members of crew are trained on these regulations and laws and are expected to adhere to them at all times,” it said. The airline said it remains committed to the integrity of its operation and does not condone any illegal activities by its staff members.

The latest incident comes barely a month after security officers arrested two Kenya Airways staff in a drug trafficking circle. The officers intercepted four kgs of narcotics disguised as Kenyan coffee in the staff restroom in a flight destined for Hong Kong on Oct. 15. The two, who have close ties with Nigerian drug barons, are suspected to have been trafficking drugs to China, Netherlands and India. NAN reports that the two were arrested after a tip off from friendly foreign security agencies who had observed an influx of narcotics emanating from Kenyan flights. It is suspected that a cartel comprising airport staff and in-flight attendants has been receiving narcotic drugs from a yet-to-be-identified person and sneaking it into flights.


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