China Again Blocks India’s Bid To Sanction Pakistani Terrorist Masood Azhar at United Nations

China has rejected an application at the United Nations Security Council to sanction the Pakistani terrorist Masood Azhar, officials in Beijing said.

The application was up for review with a “technical hold” placed by China expiring on November 2. Officials in Beijing told news men they had “rejected” the application “because of a lack of consensus”.

On Monday  Beijing had indicated it would block the pending application with a “technical hold” it placed set to expire on November 2, saying there was “no consensus” and there were “disagreements” on the matter. India, however, says China is the only one among 15 members of the committee that has opposed the listing.

China reiterated that stand when asked on Thursday if it would block the application. “We raised a technical hold so as to allow for more time for the UNSC committee and all members to deliberate on this matter, but there is still an absence of consensus,” said Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying.

The committee has its rules of procedure and it has yet to reach a consensus, there are still disagreements. China’s actions are meant to ensure that we safeguard the authority and effectiveness of this committee and we will continue to follow the mandate of the committee and rules of procedure, and remain in constant communication and coordination with all members of the committee. It is a fact that the committee is yet to reach agreement.”

This will mark the second time in two years that Beijing has essentially stymied attempts to list the Jaish-e-Mohammad leader, a move that would have helped cut funding and freeze financial assets, besides exerting pressure on Pakistan to take action.

China Again Blocks India's Bid To Sanction Pakistani Terrorist Masood Azhar at United Nations

After Beijing last year blocked an application made by India, it had this January placed a six-month “technical hold” on a United States, United Kingdom and France-backed application. A second three-month hold was placed in August under the committee’s rules that allow members to seek more information.

 On Monday Hua denied that China was acting at the behest of all-weather ally Pakistan. “I can understand why you raise this question but I cannot agree with what you said about China supporting Pakistan. China always upholds the principle of objectivity and fairness and we judge the matter on its own merit. Pakistan is also a victim of terrorism and we support Pakistan in countering terrorism, in accordance with its own national conditions.”


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