Shocking High School Teacher Sends Hot Sexy Photos To Her Students To Entice Them To Sleep With Her

Raunchy photos of the high school teacher who threatened to make her students fail if they don’t sleep with her has gone viral online. Yokasta M., 40, is facing jail after she forced pupils to have sex with her in exchange for good grades. She taught at a school in Medellin, Colombia, during which she would send suggestive videos and photos to her 16-year-old male students via WhatsApp.

Some of the videos of her twerking and shaking her bosom  at the camera also surfaced. The photos show her skimpily dressed, with her private parts on display. She was caught after the father of one of her victims searched his phone and found the woman’s photos and videos.

At that point, the boy spoke to his parents about what has been going on. Yokasta is now facing 40 years in prison and her husband is seeking a divorce.

See more photos and a video below.


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