Texas Woman Indicted for Allegedly Mailing Bombs To Obama, Other Officials

A Texas woman has been indicted for allegedly sending homemade bombs last year to then-President Barack Obama, Texas Governor Greg Abbott and the Social Security Administration.

Newly released court documents revealed that Julia Poff was indicted by a grand jury this month on six counts, including transporting explosives with the intent to kill and injure.

Of the three packages Poff purportedly sent, only Abbott opened his, but it did not detonate. The court documents filed in Houston say that Abbot may have escaped “severe burns and death” only because “he did not open [the package] as intended.”

Image result for Texas Woman Indicted for Allegedly Mailing Bombs to Obama, Other Officials

The package intended for Obama was intercepted by the Secret Service. According to the documents, investigators traced the packages to Poff through their components, which included a box of cigarettes that bore a stamp showing it had been purchased at a store near Poff’s house in Brookshire, Texas.

Other evidence included a damaged shipping label that Poff had originally received through a purchase on eBay and cat hairs found under the address label, which were later matched to the hairs of one of Poff’s cats.

Federal investigators say the improvised explosive device sent in the packages contained a cellphone, a cigarette package and a salad dressing cap.

The court documents say Poff allegedly stated she did not like Obama and was angry with Abbott because she had not received support from her ex-husband when Abbott was serving as Texas attorney general.

Government prosecutors are asking that Poff be denied bail ahead of her trial, expected to take place next year.


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