2018; Germany Overtakes Singapore Becomes World’s Most Powerful Passport

Germany is considered in 2018 to own the strongest passport for 2018 as revealed by Henley Passport Index, it determines how many countries the holder can enter either without a visa or instead receiving a visa upon entering the country.

In 2018, one country now has 177 countries in which they can travel to without needing a visa.The European country has held onto the title for a fifth year in a row.

Last year, it has 176 countries it could enter visa-free and has since increased to 177.

This is after Belarus changed their visa policy in February 2017 to allow five days without a visa, including 80 countries in the changes which Germany was part of.

2018; Germany Overtakes Singapore Becomes Most Powerful Passport In The World

Coming second was Singapore, who had 176 countries to travel without needing a visa.The UK fares better than people might realise as it makes it to third place.

The country with the lowest amount of countries it can travel without a visa is Afghanistan.

Citizens can only travel to 24 countries without being banned or needing a visa, followed by Iraq (27 countries), Syria (28 countries) and Pakistan (30 countries).


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