Japanese media have recently reported a development on the bizarre medical case that happened in April this year, where an unnamed woman started fire in the middle of a complex operation when the doctors were reportedly performing a form of laser surgery on her cervix at the Tokyo medical university hospital, and something went wrong.


The woman, in in her thirties was lying on the operating table surrounded by a team of medics when her body accidentally expelled some hot fart and in a blink of an eye it ignited the laser and started fire.

It took some time for doctors to grasp what transpired and put the fire out. However, the woman, was already left with some severe burns to much of her body, including her waist and legs.

This triggered a need to investigate the cause of the incident and the reason for the ignition. The specialists examined the case and concluded that there were no other cause than the fart because there were no flammable materials in the operating theatre during the surgery.

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