41-Year-Old Man Tears Neighbour’s Manhood Over Potty

It was a simple household scuffle, which resulted into a fight as a 24-year-old Okechukwu Chiagba woke up, to realise he nearly  lose his manhood over something as mundane as a potty.

potttttyBut that was exactly what happened when he engaged in a scuffle with his neighbour, 41-year-old Michael Essien, a Calabar, Cross River State indigene, over accusation of using a potty without permission.

A 24-year-old Okechukwu Chiagba nearly lose his manhood over something as mundane as a potty.

He explained to news that the quarel that led to his injury began at 6am that day in the apartment building known asface-me-I-face-you in Shasha, Egbeda Lagos.

Chiagba said:

“That night, my wife went out to use the toilet. We normally use potties. But when she got to where she put her potty, she could not find it.

“She came back to ask me but I told him I had not seen it. She went outside to look for it and that was when she saw our neighbour (Essien) coming out of the toilet with it.

“My wife came back to report to me. I was preparing to go out and challenge the man for using my wife’s potty when my wife cautioned me not to go. She said she would prefer to go and meet the man’s wife and talk to her. I agreed and let the matter go.”

He said in the morning that he went to work but when he came back in the night, he saw the potty at their entrance, even though they usually kept it out of sight in a corner of the house.Chiagba said when he asked his wife about it, she said she did not know who put it there.

He said:

“I picked the potty and put it under the staircase where we usually kept it. When I was returning it, Essien blocked my way and said I should not put it there again, I asked why and he said because my wife was accusing him of using the plastic.

“I told him that if my wife really accused him, all he needed was to deny or ignore her that he really did not use it. I tried to go past him and put the potty there but he pushed me to the ground. We were about to fight when neighbours separated us.

“I went inside and sat down. Later, I went to put on a boxer and sat outside to take fresh air. I was receiving a call when I heard ‘I will surprise you today. I will show you today.’ I turned around just in time to catch him as he rushed at me.

“We were fighting when he grabbed my manhood and held on to it so tightly that I fell down and fainted. I think he did not know that I had actually fainted because I was told he still held on to it even when I had passed out. I learnt that it took three men in the compound to force him to let go.”


It was learnt that after Essien let go, the neighbours realised how serious Chiagba’s injuries were as he laid unconscious on the ground. They quickly rescued and rushed him to a hospital where he was stitched up and hooked on a drip.

Essien arrested by policemen from the Egbeda Police Division, Lagos, said that he did not mean to inflict such an injury on Chiagba but he was however charged for assault and battery.

Chiagba had not been able to walk properly since the incident,because he had sustained a tear in his manhood that put him in the hospital for more than one week.

He said he had used a lot of money on treatment and believed Essien must be made to give him back the money he spent on his treatment.

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