43 Year Old Nigerian Man Treks From Kaduna To London To Stop Terrorism

nigerian trek to uk

Abubakar Duduwale, aged 43, hails from Yola, Adamawa state, has started a long journey from Nigeria to Great Britain on Sunday morning, November 20.The trek he said is a mission to draw the world’s attention to the problem of terrorism and lives of people affected by it has started at Kaduna and will end in London.

Abubakar Duduwale said:

“I have trekked round the 19 northern states of Nigeria promulgating the gospel of peace and war against terrorism, insurgency, corruption, drug abuse as well as promoting unity.

My trekking is not for fun but for world peace. We must shun all negative tendencies. I mean to pass the message that terrorism is evil and must be stopped.”

Mr Duduwale,last year trekked from Yola to Abuja to show his support for President Muhammadu Buhari.

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