Algerian MP detained for money laundering

Algerian MP detained for money laundering

Algerian member of parliament, Baha Eddine Tliba has been detained. The businessman was remanded in custody on Thursday over money laundering and secretly financing political parties.

According to the official APS news agency, Tliba is facing prosecution for illegally financing the electoral campaign of former President Abdelaziz Bouteflika.

Baha Eddine Tliba, a member of the former president’s National Liberation Front party, had his parliamentary immunity lifted on September 25 at the request of the Justice Minister.

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He is one of the last victims of an Algerian judicial hunt for powerful businessmen close to Bouteflika since his resignation in April.

Most of them are suspected of having taken advantage of their ties with the former president or his entourage to obtain benefits or public contracts.

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