BBNaija 2019 : All Housemates win as Don Jazzy and Dr Sid visit

Don Jazzy, Dr Sid visit Pepper Dem House. The Indomie Cooking Challenge hosted by Don Jazzy and Dr Sid saw not just one Housemate winning but the entire Pepper Dem Gang winning the sum of five million Naira.

Ike, Frodd and Khafi who were the top three in the Puzzle Challenge also walked away with a year’s supply of Indomie and the opportunity to send a customized ingredient basket to their family.

The first challenge was a Jigsaw puzzle of Indomie packs. Puzzle boards were set up in the Arena and Housemates had to use the pieces beside each board to complete their puzzle. Ike, Khafi and Frodd were the first three to finish while Omashola and Mercy came in last.

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On completion of the puzzle Challenge, each Housemate was handed a customised basket with different ingredients to cook a unique style of Indomie. Only two housemates are allowed in the kitchen and given 15 minutes to finish cooking their individual meals. Khafi and Ike went first getting the ball rolling for an epic cooking battle.

Meal after meal they tasted and never turned down any. As the Housemates presented their meals to Don Jazzy for tasting, he welcomed them with a beaming smile and an eager mouth.

Each Housemate not only presented their unique meals but also accompanied it with a fancy rap, dance (phew Mercy!) and other creative ways. Way to go guys.

Announcing the winners, Don Jazzy said there is no one style that is unique. Everybody style is unique to them and all the Housemates will share the five million.

According to him, it was a very difficult Task for them but because they don’t want any of them to chop alone, the prize money should be shared equally. 

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