Chidinma You Are A Liar, “Your Lesbian Sextape Was Sent To Us By An Unknown Person” – Uche Nworah ABS Director

Following the interview Chidinma Okeke granted newsmen, where she claimed that ABS pressured her into making her lesbian video, the pageant organizer has now come out to discard chidinma’s claims.

The management of the Anambra Broadcasting Service ,had previously released a press statement saying they have no hand in Miss Anambra sex scandal.

Regarding the interview Miss Chidinma Okeke granted the newsmen today. There appears to be an agenda sell lies to the public and in so doing malign me and the Anambra Broadcasting Service over a matter that we know nothing about.

The press statement we issued earlier is now being exploited by those who are bent on using the Miss Anambra sex scandal to settle political scores in Anambra state.

“How The Director Of ABS, The Anambra Beauty Pageant Organisers, Allegedly Leaked Chidinma Okekes Video For Her Refusal To Continue Love Affair With Him” – The Secret Reporters

Their response:

“It would also appear that Miss Chidinma Okeke has become a tool in a larger politically motivated conspiracy.

The ABS is a socially responsible organisation, whom fulfilled to the letter every part of the contract signed with Miss Chidinma Okeke, former Miss Anambra. This includes paying ALL her prize money of the sum of one million Naira .

This was paid in instalments in line with the contract. An initial sum of N500,000 was paid to her after she signed her contract and the balance of N500,000 was paid in N50,000 instalments over a 10 month period.”

Reacting to the statement that the Pageant Organisers use Contestant as Executive Call Girls, and that Miss Anambra Chidinma Okeke was kidnapped and forced to act the lesbian Video

They said:

On the 11th of October 2016,she collected her last instalment of N50,000 and that same day she handed over the crown to the organisers. We have records of her signing for all the payments. We had to take the measure of inviting the former Miss Anambra to the office on this date as that was the day an anonymous individual had forwarded the videos to myself and some other persons I do not know accusing the former queen of being a lesbian.

The person said he was in possession of over 10 similar videos showing the former queen in lesbian acts, as well as her friends in the lesbian video performing sexual acts with men. Details of these WhatsApp messages have now been sent to the law enforcement authorities.

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