Church of England to accept marriage involving transgender worshippers

The Church of England has said it will accept a marriage involving a transgender person, but only if the spouses were of opposite sexes at the time of their wedding.

The significant shift in direction was revealed ahead of Friday’s General Synod of bishops in York.

Prudence Dailey, churchwarden of St Michael at the North Gate in central Oxford, submitted one of the more than 100 questions to be addressed by Church leaders.

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“Given that the Church of England’s teaching about marriage is that it is a lifelong and exclusive union between one man and one woman, if one person in a couple undergoes gender transition, has consideration been given as to whether they are still married according to the teaching of the Church of England?” Ms Dailey asked in papers published on Thursday.

The Bishop of Newcastle, Christine Hardman, will reply on behalf of the Chair of the House of Bishops on Friday.

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