Comedian EmmaOhMaGod Is Set To Marry TV Producer Yetunde

Comedian and OAP EmmaOhMaGod is set to marry TV producer Yetunde as they got engaged in May this year.


Read below what Emma said about his ‘twin sister’ and the love of his life:

Emma 8.jpg

Have you ever met someone and you realized God was thinking of you when he created that person?
“This alone is enough reason for me to know God has my best interest at heart! It was as if he asked me for dimensions before creating her… Everything made exactly according to my specifications in the exact right ratio… inside and outside… Choi! God loves me!and that is why I love my twin sister Yetunde.”


Emma 6.jpg

Yes she is my WIFE to be and that means she is my WOMAN and my EVERYTHING.. including MOTHER, SISTER and anything else I choose to call her

The pre-wedding beautiful pictures shoots of the love birds were wow…

Emma 7.jpg


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