Coronavirus: Landlords in Eritrea waive rents - Minister Reveals

Coronavirus: Landlords in Eritrea waive rents – Minister Reveals

Landlords in Eritrea have agreed to waive rents, Information Minister Yemane Meskel discloseed on Twitter Sunday morning. The minister said it was the latest trend underlying the country’s rich culture of societal compassion/solidarity.

He did not give any further specifics as to what duration the waiver is to apply. Months back, government banned layoffs and postponed the payment of utility bills. The Minister added that contributions to National COVID-19 fund continued to pour at home and from abroad.

The Horn of Africa nation is currently under a lockdown that according to government has largely been heeded to and accounted for the ability to contain the virus.

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Eritrea has not recorded any new cases for weeks now. The current tally stands at 39 cases out of which 37 have recovered with two active cases under treatment. The tally is one of the lowest in a region where tallies are into the 100s.

East Horn of Africa Tallies as of May 10:

  • Djibouti = 1,189
  • Sudan = 1,164
  • Somalia = 997
  • Kenya = 649
  • Tanzania = 509
  • Mauritius = 332
  • Rwanda = 280
  • Ethiopia = 210
  • South Sudan = 120
  • Uganda = 116
  • Eritrea = 39
  • Burundi = 15
  • Seychelles = 11

Eritrea says it has only two patients with active cases as of May 8. Seven new recoveries brought the tally to 37 with 39 cases to date. The government however remains on high alert to a virus that continues to spread across the world and in the region.

Eritrea has not recorded a new case in weeks, the last was around mid-April. Government also disclosed hat over 3,000 arriving in the country had been quarantined since the index case was reported.

The official Ministry of Health statement read in part: “Seven patients have recovered fully after standard tests at the National Laboratory and were released from hospital today.

“This brings the number of recovered patients to-date to thirty-seven (37). The number of confirmed cases in the country to-date is thirty nine. In spite of its positive features, this achievement should not, however, convey a wrong picture and prompt us to relax our guard.

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