Death Awaits You,If You Contest For Election – Nigerians Tells Nigerian Gay Bisi Alimi

 Nigerian Bisi Alimi, Controversial gay has been warned by some Nigerians to come and contest for elective office in the Nigerian in 2019 election at the risk of his life.


This happened just some minutes Alimi’s tweeted saying he had finally decided to throw his “hat into Nigerian politics” after thinking about it for more than 2 years.

Some Nigerians were felt offended by Alimi’s political declaration and reacted warning him that he will be mobbed or killed if he dares try to come into Nigeria.

See some reactions below:

Evang David C Ibe: “We are waiting… They have renovated kuje and Kirikiri prisons. They are bigger now.”

Isa Imodagbe: “Please gather all the Nigerian gay along. After welcoming you home , we shall ensure that none of you escape, because we are going to burn and send you to hell, where you all belong!”

Blahk Prynx N BigDreamz: “Because Bobrisky was in the government house the other day and you think you can do the same abi? Why don’t you create your own party instead (B.F.P) “Butthole For the People” so Denrele, Bobrisky and Vic O can be your campaigners. Idiot.”

 “No problem just gather your fellow gay partners-bobrisky inclusive in a bus during your campaign,that day other gays like you will become straight by force after they witnessed what will happen to y’all.

Muoghalu Simon: “We are happily waiting. We shall gather our hands and beat you to stupor. The way you go take die, Satan go pity you…. Idiot!! Gather also your gay friends.. Bobyrisky and so on.”

Duru Shedrack: “Maybe you think Nigeria is like the place where u are….. it’s ok…we are waiting. But make sure u come with all ur gay friends because u guys will contest n rule urselves in kirikiri.”

Ikpea Solomon Omozokpea: “Good idea, at least you can come and serve ur punishment over here, as a matter of letting u knw… the prisons here can accommodate as long as how many of ur gay accomplice u can carry along when coming.. #biggest fool ever liveth.”

Ente Charles: “Even if u run for gay president in ur local resident ur will loose, not to talk of a political office, u feel say na to come burst holes for ppl ass, na so so shit ur office go de smell, baba no try am oh, now way fuel na 200 for uyo I dont mind getting 50 liters to burn ur campaign office wif u in it.”

Mackey-boy Dash Ross: “How sweet a place the world would be if only Nigerians could find a way to transfer their country Nigeria to Pluto or Mars, and leave us alone to live in peace on earth.”

Ruth Higgins: “All u people who say violence against this person, are u not lacking in intelligence, havent you read your bible properly , i pity you all at the pearly gates i think youll all have to come down off your high horse when he closes those gates and u have to turn back.”

Udoaka Comfort: “With Naija nothing is impossible,even some of the so politicians here in Naija “Oga at the top are gay themselves.whom did u tink bobrisky went to visit in government house.”

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