Doctors in Kenya's capital begin strike over salaries

Doctors in Kenya’s capital begin strike over salaries

Doctors more than 300 in numbers working in public hospitals in Kenya’s capital Nairobi have begun a strike.

The health workers want better pay and working conditions including personal protective equipment (PPE).

Nairobi has the most of coronavirus cases in the country.

Doctors in Kenya's capital begin strike over salaries

The doctors say they have been patient with the county government that is in charge of health services in Nairobi.

The chairperson Thuranira Kaugira tweeted that healthcare workers have improvised enough.

The doctors want a comprehensive health cover and quality PPE when handling Covid-19 patients.

This is not the first time doctors in Kenya are going on strike for better pay and working conditions.

Doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals have been calling for the formation of a health service commission to address all their concerns but this has not been successful.

Out of the more than 30,000 Covid-19 cases in Kenya, close to 700 of them are among healthcare workers.

Several healthcare workers have died with the virus.

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