I’m a Born Again Christian; Not Sex Addict As Many Think – Actress Cossy Ojiakor

Actress and dancer, Cossy Ojiakor, has revealed that her sexy lifestyle do not stop her relationship with God because she has some Christian virtues and not a sex addict like many think.

She revealed to Saturday Beats, Cossy, that she “think one of the secrets to my looks is that I’m not addicted to sex. The sexy and exotic dance is like a ritual. I only have sex once in a while. When there is a lot of people asking one out for a relationship, one gets tired.

“I’m born again because I believe that Jesus is my personal Lord and Saviour. One can only be saved by the grace of God. So, all the people preaching that one is a sinner should know that we have all sinned and fallen short of the glory of God according to the Bible.”

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The dancer also added that some clerics did bad things that people overlooked. “Don’t think that your sin is too much and you won’t make heaven. Nobody is perfect. Pastors live extravagant lives and even travel abroad to ‘carry’ girls. I used to give ladies to one of those pastors. As a matter of fact, I didn’t know he was a ‘man of God’. His church is very big and he has a large congregation. A reverend father had once pressed my Bosoms and use to give me church money.


“ God is always willing to forgive because no one is holy. I’m an evangelist and i am true to myself. If one is true to oneself, it means that one would be saved by grace. I am an Anglican person. I go to church in my hometown.”

Cossy also complained that the Nigerian Police Force treats domestic violence with kid’s gloves. She said, “When report about assault and domestic violence are reported by ladies, the police do not treat it as a big case. They think the couple will reconcile. Most women want justice but don’t get it.

“Some of the women who stab their husbands do so because the police had failed them. They had reported countless times but nobody cared.

“Someone once threatened me with a bottle. I reported him to the police who didn’t do much and he came back the next day.

“Ladies act, only when they have been pushed to the wall. Police should handle wife beaters severely. The law should take its course.”

Ojiakor added that she’s not been acting much been because the pay has not been good to match with her current comfort level. She added, “My comfort level has gone up so much and the money I’m offered is not worth the stress.

“In the past, I used to act for passion but now, I put my comfort first. As one gets older, a lot of things begin to dawn on one. Asides from acting, other things now pay my bill.

“There are people that pay to watch me dance and they have fun. I dance but it’s for selected people. I’m actually one of the first dancers to dance with brassieres. I don’t think there were people doing it before me. I’ve also been learning how to do strip teasing and pole dancing.”

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