Iran Says 80 American Troops killed in missile barrage; debunking US Claim of no casualties

Iran Says 80 American Troops killed in missile barrage; debunking US Claims of no casualties

A claim by a media outlet run by Iranian regime reveals that more than eighty Americans were killed in an Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps missile strike on US forces early Wednesday in Iraq.

Mehr News reported on Wednesday that “An informed source at the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps said over 80 American troops were killed and some 200 wounded in the IRGC’s missile strikes on the united state airbase of Ain al-Assad in Anbar province, western Iraq.”

On Wednesday, the US said that while the effects of the damage are still looked into, there were no reports of US casualties from the strike so far. It was reported by the Iraqi army on Wednesday that no Iraqi soldiers dead or got hurt in the strike, which came after the killing on Friday of one of the IRGC’s top commanders, Quds Force chief Qassem Soleimani by the US.

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Mehr, which is owned by the Islamic Ideology Dissemination Organization, a branch of the Iranian government, credited the report to “IRIB,” or the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting, Iran’s public broadcaster whose head is appointed directly by Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

“From the accurate reports of our sources in the affected region, at least 80 American troops were killed and some 200 others were wounded, who were immediately transferred out of the airbase by ready helicopters,” the source was quoted, basically to explain the reason for lack of any pictures of dead bodies despite the said high death toll.

The source reported up to 20 “critical points” on the base were struck by 15 missiles, destroying “a significant number” of US drones and helicopters.

The Iraqi military’s assessment on Wednesday said 17 missiles were fired at Al-Asad, 2 of which reportedly failed to explode on impact, while another five were fired at the city of Irbil in the country’s Kurdish-majority northeast.

“Although the Americans had been on high alert, their air defense was could not respond,” the source was quoted by Mehr News as saying, warning that “ about 104 critical points in the US’ positions in the region have been noted, which would be destroyed upon the US’ first mistake.”

Briefly after the rocket barrage, President Trump insisted “All is well!” he tweeted, and said he will be making a statement Wednesday morning to the nation about the high precarious condition with Iran.

The said dead troops ‘were instantly carried out by helicopters from the airbase,’ Revolutionary Guard claims after US had said no casualties from retaliatory strike for Soleimani death.


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