Ivory Coast election Deemed unfair amid violence

Ivory Coast election Deemed unfair amid violence

In Ivory Coast, the election on Saturday was “not fair” due to the opposition’s boycott and the violence around the vote, the Carter Center has said as increasing number of victims were reported in clashes around the country.

About five people died on Saturday in the southern regions and four more were reported dead in Toumodi on Monday as their house was set on fire amid post-election violence.

The country is awaiting the result of the presidential election which should be announced soon. It’s expected that president Alassane Ouattara will win a controversial third term.

Ivory Coast election Deemed unfair amid violence - Tatahfonewsarena

The opposition has boycotted the vote and called for civil unrest.

According to the Carter Center, the political and sanitary context did not allow for a competitive and fair presidential election.

Ouattara’s opponents say his bid is unconstitutional because according to Ivorian law, presidents can only serve two terms.

Ouattara, 78, announced his bid after his chosen successor died unexpectedly in July and claims the new constitution, approved in 2016, allows him to run again.

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