Meet 9 Footballers That Have Publicly Declared Their Gay Status(Photos)


Homosexuality is a topic that is not popularly accepted in Africa and in football but only a few players have publicly declared their gay status. One of them that braved the odds to publicly admit his status ended up committing suicide due to the abuse he received from fans.

Others retired early because of their homosexuality.

See the list below:

1. Thomas Hitzlsperger



Popularly Known as “The hammer” by the Villa fans for having a deadly left foot. He came out as gay in January 2014 after he retired from professional football at the age of 31.

2.  Justin Fashanujustin-fashanu

He publicly admitted to his gay status in 1990 after being in the closet for 10 years. Justin suffered terrible abuses and commited suicide in 1998.

3. Liam Davis


He came out openly as gay in 2010,he played in lower leagues of English football .

4. Robbie Rogers


Rogers is an American footballer who played in English second division side Leeds United. He retired from forrtball soon after he announced his homosexuality in 2012.

5. David Testo


The former Montreal Impact player in an interview on November 10, 2011 he was gay and that his family, friends, teammates, and team management were aware of his sexuality.

6. Anton Hysén


He was a Swedish player Anton Hysén, he was known as a ‘global one-off’, he came out as gay in March 2011.

7. Thomas Berling


The Norwegian player disappeared in 2000 for completely unknown reasons before it later surfaced he had come out as gay.

8. Jonathan De Falco


De Falco quit football at a relatively young age of 26 due to his public declaration he was gay before later venturing into gay porn.

9. Marcus Urban


The former East Germany player came out gay in the 1990s at a time when being a gay footballer was almost unheard of.

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