“My Boyfriend has Proposed to me 7 Times in One Year”- A Lady In Love

A lady  has just narrated online how her boyfriend,proposed to her 7 times in one year.


She said:

My boyfriend has proposed to me 7 times in one year. After  years of dating and I agreed to marry him. But each time we have a little misunderstanding, he will collect his ring back  When we reconcile he will propose again. He has done this 7 good times and am no longer finding it funny. My anger is the way he collects the ring, very rude way, you need to see the way he shouts at me, bring my ring now, remove it, fast, fast, make it fast. He will just collect the ring and push me out. When he comes to beg he will wear me back the ring and ask me the same question. Will you marry, I will foolishly say yes and again. He just collected his ring 8th time and I don’t know what to do when hye comes begging. I don’t know if he is serious or not. I have met his parents but no date for introduction yet. Please I need advise on what to do now.
 I need advise and help.



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