Nigerian Based in South Africa Murdered by Cultists Just 3 Weeks to his Wedding

Last week on Saturday,Some gun wielding cultists claimed the life of a South Africa based youth, Bode Ibidun, who returned to the town recently in preparation for his wedding on January 7, 2017.

It was reported that the deceased was killed by members of a cult group known as ‘Arise Boys’ which is based in Igbona area because one of the members was dating the lady, who the deceased was planning to marry.


Ibidun,  was killed inside the Toyota Camry which he newly bought. He was said to be driving along  Sadiat area on Saturday when he was stopped by three members of the cult group who were riding on a motor cycle.

Various sources said that although, Ibidun was killed by the cultists, he was not a cultist himself but had friends among another cult group known as ‘Onile.

One of the sources said:
“This crisis is a cult war. But Bode, who was killed on Saturday was not a member of any cult group. He just came back from South Africa and his wedding is slated to hold on January 7.
He was killed by a single bullet. They shot him at a close range when they accosted him. He was sitting at the back of his car behind the driver, but he was the only one killed by the group.
” cobhams

Tajudeen,a resident of Oke Bale area, as said the cult war could be traced to the ‘State Boys’ who are the creation of some politician before the 2014 election election in the state.

A source close to Ibidun family revealed that the  deceased has been buried on Sunday at a cemetery in Osogbo.

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