OMG!Innocent Man Receives N23,000 Compensation After 31 Years In Prison

Lawrence McKinney,a 60-year-old man was wrongfully handed a 115-year imprisonment after he was convicted of rape and burglary in 1978 has been released and handed a N23,000 compensation.

However, DNA evidence examined in 2009 eventually ruled him out as a suspect – meaning that, after spending most of his life behind bars for a crime he didn’t commit, he was a free man.


He was finally given a compensation of just about £60.

However, he is currently seeking $1 million compensation and his case may be looked into by a parole board.

The man who hails from Memphis in Tennessee, was quoted by the CBS News:

“I don’t have no life. All of my life was taken away.

“I don’t have no life, all my life was taken away.”

Jack Lowery, His lawyer, also argues that:

“It is not justice for him not to receive compensation for being wrongfully imprisoned.” 

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