Paris marks 75 years since liberation from Nazis

Paris has been celebrating the American soldiers, French Resistance fighters and others who liberated the City of Light from Nazi occupation exactly 75 years ago.

Firefighters unfurled a huge French flag from the Eiffel Tower, recreating the moment when a French tricolor stitched together from sheets was hoisted atop the monument 75 years ago to replace the swastika flag that had flown for four years.

Bildergebnis für Paris marks 75 years since liberation from Nazis

People dressed in Second World War-era military uniforms and dresses joined parades in southern Paris, retracing the entry of French and US tanks into the city on August 25 1944.

Long the jewel of European cities, Paris suffered relatively little damage in the Second World War, but its citizens were humiliated, hungry and mistrustful after 50 months under the Nazis.

The liberation of Paris was both joyous and chaotic.

It was faster and easier for the Allies than their protracted battle through Normandy and its gun-filled hedgerows. But the fight for the French capital killed nearly 5,000 people, including Parisian civilians, German troops and members of the French Resistance whose sabotage and attacks had prepared the city for the liberation.

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