Princess Vitarah’s latest video causes pandemonium online

Princess Vitarah’s latest video about breasts recently went viral and on the go  causing pandemonium online, especially with her track “Naija pussy”where she said Nigeria pussy is the tightest.



The song and video have generated mixed feelings among its viewers and commenters, some see it as funny, crude, and a bad influence, other people are of the view that the song is a form of sexual liberation distinct from what  Nigeria’s have not seen or heard before.

The rapper and singer was born in the States, but when she was little her family moved back to Nigeria—Lagos and to her family’s village, Arochukwu. Vitarah before arriving in Los Angeles last summer, had lived in in Houston Texas for a while.


As many  new weird Nigerian musicians are  evolving singing  songs/lyrics  that are normally considered as taboos, the upcoming singer’ Princess Vitarah has been mentioned as one of such musicians.


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