Reasons I Don’t Wear Bra – Feyisara Hassan

Feyisara Hassan a fast rising Yoruba actress and producer who started acting in 2011 and had already produced at least five movies of her own, namely, Rokun Rosa, Fikayomi, Ipinle Ese, Aye Asan and Asian and has also featured in almost 40 films of others production spoke to newsmen why she recently threw the social media into pandemonium with a braless picture she posted.

feyiShe said:

“I don’t put on bra. In fact, I don’t like it. I only put on a bra when necessary and most times it is because of my boyfriend, he doesn’t like seeing me without wearing a bra. So, sometimes, I put it on because of him.”

When asked what reasons she had for not liking the bra, she replied saying:

“What do I need a bra for when I have good boobs. I have very good boobs, so no need of bra.”

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