Reasons Women Love Men With Bigger Penis


Firstly, women love bigger penis because a thick and long penis looks much better than a small or an average penis in the eyes of most women. This is just something that you cannot really understand.

Men love women with beautiful faces, big breasts, big buttocks and other features that we could keep listing. So it is with women when it comes to sex, women would always prefer a big penis to a small one just like you always prefer a beautiful woman to an average looking woman.


Secondly, women love thick and long penises because it makes them more open to orgasms. You have to understand this, the sight of a large erect penis protruding out of a man’s pubic region is extremely sexy for most women and this makes most women horny.

The anticipation of being penetrated by what a woman views as the perfect male sex organ makes her vagina extremely wet before she is even touched by her well-endowed lover. Just the sight of a man’s big penis does a lot of work in setting a woman in the right mood for explosive sex. This is one thing all women would love.


Thirdly ,women love thick and long penises has to do with the pleasure centers located in their vagina.There are pleasure centers all located around the walls and deep into a woman’s vagina.

When a small or an average penis penetrates a woman’s vagina, there is still a lot more room for stimulation. A big penis would reach deep into her vagina and expand her vagina walls (also her vagina lips) and clitoris resulting in far more pleasure than when penetrated by a small or average penis.

Women tend to love men with thick and long penis because of the sexual confidence they bring when in the bedroom.

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