Robber who Forced Couples to have Sex at Gunpoint, Gets 148yrs in Prison,

Robber who Forced Couples to have Sex at Gunpoint, Gets 148yrs in Prison

A robber who attacked couples at New Jersey motels and forced them to have sex at gunpoint before robbing them, has bagged a 148 years in state prison sentence.

Rasheed Powell, 40, who was found guilty of 60 counts charge bordering on aggravated sexual assault and robbery charges, unleashed the assault during a two-month period in 2012 at motels in Linden and Elizabeth.

The two months in 2012 at Linden and Elizabeth motels involved Powell stalking couples, forcing his way into their rooms and demanding they perform sexual acts on each other. Then the perv locked the men up in the bathroom before he sexually assaulted the women himself, according to the report.

Rasheed Powell

A judge told Rasheed Powell “your reign of terror ends here” when he imposed the sentence this week.

But Union County Superior Court Judge Robert Kirsch told Powell his reign of terror ends, adding his DNA was extracted from a rape kit, five of the eight victims identified him, his former girlfriend turned over the mask and black jacket he wore during the crimes and police found the handgun.

Powell responding said; “In due time proof will come out. I’m innocent,” and argued he didn’t get a fair trial.

It was gathered that authorities used DNA to identify Powell as a suspect in the case.

One of the victims called Powell a “monster” during the nearly nearly two-hour proceeding in a crowded court room, the outlet reported.

“I hope you don’t have the option to see daylight again,” she said.

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