Sad! Man Brutally Murders his Best Friend for Refusing to Contribute Money to Repair Fuse

A man has killed his best friend for refusing to contribute money to repair fuse on Saturday. According to reports, the two-year relationship between Ndubusi Kalu and his friend Simeon Chidi ended in shocking fashion at their residence on Saula Sanni Street, Agbado, Ogun State.
Kalu who is a security guard allegedly stabbed Chidi with a broken bottle in the neck and back during the fight, which lasted for about 30 minutes. The man died after he was rushed to the hospital.
Kalu who hailed from Abia state has now been arrested by the police after the murder. Chidi and Kalu were so close that they cooked and ate together and were preparing a breakfast on the day when a disagreement broke out between them over a faulty fuse. The light fuse had spoilt causing a power outage before the incident took place.  The suspect reportedly lamented the outage as he wanted to see a movie when the fault occurred.
The five affected residents were said to have agreed to contribute N200 each to pay an electrician, who would fix the fuse. 30-year-old Kalu, who blamed the incident on the devil, said he had asked Chidi to contribute N200 for the repair, but the victim declined.
“Simeon (Chidi) and I were co-tenants and friends. We ate together. I came back from work that day in the morning and he said he didn’t have money for breakfast. I suggested that we should cook beans and garri. I used N100 on me to buy garri.
“As I was cooking the food, the power went off. We later discovered that the fault was from a fuse and five of us were affected. The electrician that would fix it said he would collect N1,000. Two tenants paid, but Simeon did not pay. I went to meet him. He said nobody should disturb him. I told him we had to fix the fault on time because I wanted to watch television and relax at home.”
 The suspect said when they were unable to raise the N1,000, the electrician asked them to pay N500, adding that matter came to a head when Chidi could not produce the N400 contributed by the two tenants.
“He said the money was with somebody and that the person had gone out. He said he would beat me with a charm if I disturbed him again. That was how we started exchanging words. He picked a knife and asked me to come outside.
“As I was struggling to collect the knife from him, he injured me in the hand and leg. I also smashed a bottle and we started fighting again. People were many, watching us, but nobody came to separate us. It was after I stabbed him in the back that one man called Baba Sheri came to separate us. I didn’t intend to kill him. It was the devil’s handiwork.”
 Speaking on the incident, the Ogun State Police Public Relations Officer, ASP Abimbola Oyeyemi, said the suspect would be charged to court upon the conclusion of investigations.
He said, “The suspect and the victim were arguing over N500. The suspect brought out a knife and stabbed the victim in about three places.  “He was treated for a few minutes before he gave up the ghost.
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