Somalians protest over fatal police shooting to enforce lockdown

Somalians protest over fatal police shooting to enforce lockdown

In Somalia tensions flared over the weekend, causing angry protesters to burn tires and demand justice.

Confinements and travel restrictions against the coronavirus are proving extremely difficult to enforce.

Residents are giving security officers a hard time. And the reactions from security forces have infuriated the population who are opposed to preventive measures against the virus.

Civilian shot dead in Somalia during coronavirus enforcement ...

“This demonstration will continue until the government’s senior officials listen to the outcry of the population. We want the government to reverse the curfew decision that is imposed on the residents during this holy month (Ramadan)”, Mohamed Abdi, protester said.

A police officer in Mogadishu was arrested for shooting at least one civilian while he was enforcing restrictions over the pandemic.

“First, I respect that the youth of Mogadishu need to express their anger against this incident (killing of civilian). They have the right to do so, secondly, I am very sorry for the incident that happened last night and I share the same sorrow you are all feeling”, Mogadishu mayor, Omar Mohamed Mohamed said.

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