Sudan’s Bashir Bans Rallies, Announces Foreign Currency ‘Reforms’

Sudan’s president, Omar al-Bashir on Monday unveiled new measures to end protests that have rocked Sudan for over three months now, including a ban on unauthorized rallies.

In line with a state of emergency declared last week, Bashir also gave the country’s security forces sweeping powers to to raid buildings where “suspicious activities were being carried out” and also search people, the presidency said.

Sudan's Bashir Bans Rallies, Announces Foreign Currency 'Reforms'

The decrees came amid fresh protests in various parts of the capital Khartoum, where security forces used tear gas against hundreds of students demonstrating inside the campus of the country’s oldest women’s university.

Deadly protests began on December 19 after the government tripled the price of bread and quickly evolved into demonstrations against Bashir’s rule.

In the face of public anger over Sudan’s economic woes, Bashir on Monday announced measures to tackle the foreign currency shortage.

The presidency said no more than $3,000 would be allowed to be carried by any individual travelling outside the country.

Bashir also ordered that buying and selling of foreign currency be done only through official channels.


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