Tens of thousands rally in Iran capital against US 'crimes'


The streets of Tehran and other cities was flooded with people in their thousands as they match to protest against American “crimes” after the killing of a top Iranian commander in Baghdad on Friday by US strike.

Shouting “Death to America” alongside the posters of the slain Iranian commander, Qasem Soleimani, in their hands the demonstrators filled streets for many blocks in central Tehran after Friday prayers.

The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps confirmed the commander of its Quds Force foreign operations arm had been killed by US forces in an air strike on Baghdad international airport. https://tatahfonewsarena.com/second-world-war-bomb-defused-in-germany-following-mass-evacuation/

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Soleimani, 62, who died was one of Iran’s key public figures.

Women and men, many of them elderly, took part in the processions, some holding aloft portraits of Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

They said in one voice: “The axis of any evil is America, the motto of religion and the Koran is death to America.”

“O leader of our revolution, condolences, condolences.”

A man out of the group tore holes out of a US flag before putting it on fire.

Ali Bakhshi, an elderly cleric said: “This was a good move, so that the whole world would realize who the terrorist is. The whole world found that out.”

“The leader of the revolution replied to them (the US) very intelligently and straight forwardly. And Iran as a nation will resist,” he told AFP.

One other group of men were seen standing on the sidelines of the proceedings, some crying without control.

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