Why I Am Not Yet Married – Actor, Osita Iheme (Pawpaw)

Comic actor Osita is still a bachelor, unlike his comic pair, Aki (Chinedu Ikedieze).When asked by newsmen the reason behind is wait he said:

“Marriage is not something that anybody should rush into. I will get married at the right time. When it’s time for me to get married, you will know. You will be informed,there is no Miss Right anywhere. I don’t believe that I should meet Miss Right before I make up my mind about marriage. Besides, there is no wife for anybody. Once you get somebody attached to you, she will become your wife.”


He added that thou he is a popular actor,he has received some funny reaction from fans, especially somewhere in neighbouring Benin Republic.

He shared his experience saying:

“An excited fan removed my cap and gave me a knock on my head. He said he had been seeing me in the movies and only wanted to confirm if I was really the one. Although I felt quite embarrassed by his behaviour, I let the incident pass because I could see that he acted out of excitement.”

Osita claims that despite the popularity that he enjoys among millions of movie fans,he still get public embarrassment by the same fans and admirers.

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