Wife Caught In The Act Of Adultery By The Husband With A CCTV Camera


A husband who has been suspecting his wife of having an affair with his security man, has been left in total shock after he installed a Close Circuit Camera (CCTV) in his house because of his wife’s numerous denials.

The incident happened in Kenya as the husband of the woman who is a  Nairobian Man had been unrest and suspicious of his wife infidelity act with his security man.He decided to set a Close Circuit Camera (CCTV) in his house after his wife’s numerous denials.

The man is still bittered and dumbfounded at what he saw after the first few weeks of normalcy that he started to doubt his instinct and stop watching the footage on a regular basis.


After, Mpasho as the man is called came back to see pictures of his wife flirting and having s*x with the security man in his parlour.

The Nairobian man out of anger has now sent his wife out of his house, disappointed at his wife and his security man because he trusted them too much.

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