Zimbabwe VP Wife Freed On Bail After 3 Weeks In Jail Over Attempted Murder

Wife of Vice President Constantino Chiwenga was granted bail by Zimbabwe’s High Court today Monday after three weeks in detention for allegedly trying to kill her husband.

According to prosecutors Marry Mubaiwa, who pleaded not guilty to all charges, tried to remove Mr. Chiwenga’s life support tubes in June in a South African hospital.

She was first arrested on December 14 on different charges which involves fraud and money laundering.

A High Court judgment by Judge Pisirai Kwenda has granted Ms Mubaiwa bail for 50,000 Zimbabwe dollar (3,000 dollars), and ordered her to surrender her diplomatic passport and report to a local police station once every 2 weeks.

MS Mubaiwa is also asked to hand over the title deeds of her parents’ house with the court, the document showed.

Zimbabwe VP Wife Freed On Bail After 3 Weeks In Jail Over Attempted Murder

Her lawyer, Taona Nyamakura, said Ms Mubaiwa could be released from prison either Monday or Tuesday. https://tatahfonewsarena.com/sad-captain-america-actress-mollie-charged-with-stabbing-her-mother-to-death/

Mary’s arrest has raised accusations against Chiwenga and the anti-corruption agency that arrested her before.

It was said by the opposition politicians that the vice president is using his position in politics to fast track a divorce settlement with Ms Mubaiwa, which conflicts Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC), which says she illegally wired 900 million dollars to South Africa.

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